Discover the latest HOOP tools available only for members

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Discover the latest HOOP tools available only for members

The HOOP partners have been working to provide specific services to support the HOOP members to define, designing, plan and improve their local bioeconomy strategy. All these services are included in the HOOP Hub. You may have already heard of:

- the HOOP Lunch Talks, monthly 30-minute webinars designed for HOOP Lighthouses and HOOP members to share their experience and gather feedback from other public authorities and waste management companies that are also striving to become more circular. Each talk involves an expert from the HOOP team, who shares information and practical solutions with the members of the Network. The past episodes are available in the Hub, only for members. More: LINK

- the Virtual Academy, a session of the Hub that provides resources related to the implementation of Urban Circular Bioeconomy solutions. All you need to know about this topic is organised in this online library based on 4 main areas (Implement and develop, Collect and valorise, Engage stakeholders, Evaluate and Improve). More: LINK

- the Bio-circularity label, an instrument to understand the current performance of a city/region regarding the implementation of bio-circular measures. It consists of a list of indicators related to urban biobased waste streams including Organic Fraction Municipal Solid Waste (OFMSW) and Urban Waste Water Sludge (UWWS). The assessment covers the political ambitions, strategies and implemented policies, participation, awareness and initiatives of the society, consumption, and waste patterns as well as waste treatment. More: LINK

You may already know also that, as HOOP member, you can contact each city, region and waste management company part of the Network through the Hub (we reached around 70 members!). You just have to select the city from the list available on the Hub and click on Contact city/region. You didn’t know about these services? Have a look at the links (you need to log in as an HOOP member) and get in contact with the Network manager (sli@acrplus.org) if you have any questions.

Let’s have a look at the new tools!

- the HOOP Circular Valuation Method, an instrument to evaluate circular business cases and investment proposals. It’s a clear and simple method for companies and public bodies to assess whether circular projects are financially attractive. The indicators are adapted to the characteristics of circularity and biowaste resulting in a multidimensional assessment method covering domains including financial, circularity, environmental, social, and a comparison to the previous situation. More: LINK

- Request of Technical support, HOOP members can get one-to-one support from the HOOP experts. Cities and regions can fill out a request form to describe the challenge they are facing in their territories and the kind of support they would like to receive from the HOOP partners. The request could be related to a specific bioeconomy technology, collection systems, stakeholders’ engagement practices, or even public procurement schemes, etc.

- Request of financial support, a tool for both project developers and investors to get in contact in order to mobilise green financing and funding for the implementation of Urban Circular Bioeconomy (UCBE) projects, also contributing to assess and improve the maturity and bankability of the projects.

In order to improve the support HOOP can provide to the members, do not forget to complete your profile in the Hub with information about your territory and organisation and select your main interests. Participate in this survey and give us your feedback on HOOP activities and on your needs to improve your local bioeconomy strategy: LINK