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What do you think of the potential of bioethanol obtained from organic waste as fuel? What are the biggest obstacles in your opinion to replace fossil fuels?
Last update: 13 Jun 2024
2 answers
Valorization of Spent Coffee Grounds (SCGs). What are the best potential bio-products that can be obtained from SCGs in terms of economic and enviromental impact?
Last update: 16 May 2024
4 answers
Team structure in waste collection
In our waste collection, the absence of foremen results in limited communication and commitment. Appointing team spokespersons for management tasks has proven unsuccessful. What successful approaches exist to enhance our current structures?
Any ideas apreciated
Last update: 12 Dec 2023
1 answers
I’m interested in startups valorizating biowaste. Could you write examples of success?
Last update: 7 Dec 2023
3 answers
What would you improve in the HOOP Circularity Label?
Last update: 9 Nov 2023
2 answers