Get your one-on-one meeting with HOOP technical experts!

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Get your one-on-one meeting with HOOP technical experts!

Have you missed the latest new service only for HOOP members?

The cities and regions part of the HOOP Network can now have access to a one-on-one support service provided by the HOOP partners. If you would like to have some practical advice on the implementation of a specific valorisation technology, or to be guided into stakeholder engagement strategies, or if you need to get a list of good practice to improve the organic waste collection in your city or to improve the quality of the organic collected waste, or even if you are struggling in identify the right funding measures to support your city’s circular urban bioeconomy, the answer may be already next to you.

Fill out your request and we will select, among several HOOP experts. the perfect one to help you by providing the right inputs and solutions!

Have a look at this new service: LINK

This service is open ONLY FOR HOOP MEMBERS. Log in to the Hub if you are already part of the Network or check if you meet the requirements and register to join the Network in 1 minute: LINK

Do not forget to have a look at the several episodes of the HOOP Lunch Talks that may already have the answers you need. Log in to the Hub to see the recording videos and download the presentations.

Finally, do not miss the 2 upcoming workshops organised by Bax&Co on 28 June and 4 July. These sessions will provide more information about the HOOP Bio-Circularity Label, they will allow cities and regions to rank their circularity, receive recommendations on how to become more circular, and discuss their doubts about the Label with the HOOP partners. More information here: LINK