Get support from HOOP and join these events!

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Get support from HOOP and join these events!

The members of the HOOP Network are invited to take part in several exchange opportunities, such as conferences, workshops, meetings where they can meet the HOOP Lighthouses, or different stakeholders all over Europe involved in the push of a circular bioeconomy.

Within the start of the spring, many HOOP events have been announced and we want to be sure you don’t miss any! If you are interested in any of them, get immediately in contact with the organisers and the HOOP Network Manager (Serena Lisai: sli@acrplus.org) to express your request. As HOOP members, all the costs will be covered by us.

6 - 16 April​
Festival Riscarti (in Italian)
Exhibition center ’La Vaccheria’, Rome​ | Italy
On creative recycling, sustainable art and culture​
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13 - 14 April​
Biowaste Club Albano Laziale (in Italian)
Albano Laziale | Italy
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26 April​
Biowaste Club Murcia​ (in Spanish)
Murcia | Spain
industry stakeholders are invited to a co-creation workshop to address industry challenges to implement the circular bioeconomy and identify opportunities for collaboration.​
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10 May​
Conference Urban Circular Bioeconomy (the costs can’t be covered by HOOP)
Vitoria-Gasteiz | Spain​
how to transform urban biowaste into resources for other industries and on how to establish a sustainable circular urban bioeconomy in cities and regions.​
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​10 May​
Financing local circular economy initiatives (in English)
Brussels | Belgium
Organised by HOOP and DECISO projects, it aims to providing project development assistance, including the development of financing solutions and business plans for local circular economy initiatives with the ultimate aim of leveraging further public and private investment.​
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16 June​
Study tour in HOOP Lighthouse City Kuopio (in English)
Kuopio | Finland​
The HOOP Lighthouse Kuopio invites the HOOP members and partners to join the study tour that will include visits to:​
- Circular economy laboratory of the Savonia University of Applied Sciences​
- Water security laboratory​
- Local recycling center​

Only the members of the HOOP network will get support to participate in these events. If you are interested and would like to join the Network, follow this link: LINK