Territory type: City
Population: 315000
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Organisation/Company: Stadt Münster
Type of organisation: Public authority
Link to website: https://www.stadt-muenster.de/rathaus
Münster is not only known as the bicycle capital of Germany, but is also a young, green and ambitious city of science and lifestyle. The local waste management company, Abfallwirtschaftsbetriebe Münster (AWM), is responsible for waste disposal and cleaning for the benefit of the city’s 315,000 inhabitants. Already since 2003, the milestone has been reached that no more untreated waste is disposed of in landfills. Separation of biowaste dates back to the early 1990s. Since then, biowaste has been processed into compost and converted to energy through anaerobic digestion processes. This long tradition of circular thinking is just one indication among many of the company’s ability to innovate and its willingness to break new ground. The broad commitment to the dissemination of information and education of the population in the matter of waste separation are also ambitious steps taken by AWM.

Organisation/Company: Abfallwirtschaftsbetriebe Münster (AWM)
Type of organisation: Waste management company
Link to website: https://awm.stadt-muenster.de/
Density (hab/km²)
Selective collection available for food waste
Selective collection available for garden waste
Are there any incentives for citizens to participate in biowaste collection and/or prevention
Quantity of household water use supply per capita per year
61-50 m3/capita
Total OFMSW produced per capita
124-100 kg/capita
Recycle / re-use rate of sludge
Share of recycled biowaste
Innovative bioproducts generated from organic materials
Share of households serviced by biowaste collection
Share of biowaste separately collected
% of improper materials materials in selectively collected biowaste