Western Macedonia


Territory type: Region
Population: 280000
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Organisation/Company: The Cluster of Bioeconomy and Environment of Western Macedonia (CluBE)
Type of organisation: Non-profit legal entity established among local actors and stakeholders in the region.
Link to website: https://clube.gr/en/
The Region of Western Macedonia is located in the northern part of Greece and consists of four regional units with total population of 280,000. DIADYMA is the waste management company at regional level and collects waste in six different streams (glass, metal, paper, plastic, used cooking oils and biowaste). DIADYMA is responsible for a pilot project in which biowaste is separately collected from 1,200 households across Western Macedonia. After the collection of the biowaste, it goes to the Mechanical Composters. The Municipalities of the Region as well as DIADYMA will expand the biowaste collection to cover the entire Region and will be supplied with new brown bins and collection vehicles.

Organisation/Company: DIADYMA SA
Type of organisation:
Are there any incentives for citizens to participate in biowaste collection and/or prevention
Quantity of household water use supply per capita per year
<30 m3/capita
Total OFMSW produced per capita
<80 kg/capita
Recycle / re-use rate of sludge
Share of recycled biowaste
Innovative bioproducts generated from organic materials
Share of households serviced by biowaste collection
Share of biowaste separately collected
% of improper materials materials in selectively collected biowaste