Territory type: City
Population: 450000
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Organisation/Company: Ayuntamiento de Murcia
Type of organisation: Public authority
Link to website: https://www.murcia.es/
Murcia is the capital city of the Region of Murcia, an ’autonomous community’ or self-governing región, located in the southeast of Spain, bordering the Mediterranean Sea. Murcia has over 450,000 inhabitants and is a representative city of southern Europe. The current municipal solid waste (MSW) collection system ensures the selective collection of four different fractions: glass, paper & cardboard, light packaging and residual waste. Murcia Municipality generates about 200,000 tonnes per year of mixed waste, including 73,480 tonnes of which is organic. After separation from the residual waste, this organic fraction is turned into compost in the waste treatment plant managed by CESPA-FERROVIAL. Murcia’s Circular Economy Strategy was presented in 2021, complementing its Circular Economy Assessment Report, which was published in 2020.
Density (hab/km²)
Selective collection available for food waste
Selective collection available for garden waste
Are there any incentives for citizens to participate in biowaste collection and/or prevention
Quantity of household water use supply per capita per year
46-41 m3/capita
Total OFMSW produced per capita
199-175 kg/capita
Recycle / re-use rate of sludge
Share of recycled biowaste
Innovative bioproducts generated from organic materials
Share of households serviced by biowaste collection
Share of biowaste separately collected
% of improper materials materials in selectively collected biowaste